People all over the world are always looking for shortcuts to get somewhere, get something. This isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s simply human nature. We want the most of what we can get with the least amount of unecessary effort we’d have to put in. So are there actually any shortcuts to building muscle? Yes, there are. But, honestly, these three are the only real muscle building shortcuts ever…

Having Awesome Genetics

All other factors being equal, the guy with great genetic potential will always outperform the guy without. Fact.


Everybody has a certain potential for muscle and might. But if you are a super athletic mesomorph with thick and long muscle bellies, a slow metabolism, lots of fast-twitch muscle fibers, naturally high levels of testosterone and a neuromuscular setup bound for lots of action and fast recovery, then let’s just say that you got a head start over the rest of the crowd. You will grow bigger and you will grow faster than most people. Good for you. Everybody else – just have a little patience and accept the fact that you’ll never look like Arnold in his prime. No matter what you do. Even if you stuff yourself full of steroids.

Cosmetic Surgery

Unfortunately, building muscle will only look good to a certain extent.  It’s a great idea to have a plastic surgeon so that you can shape your body to be all that it can be.  Of course, this is only for beauty purposes, but let’s face it, body building is for looking good, not just for health reasons.  There are cosmetic surgeons in Plano, like Advanced Surgical Arts and fitness training centers, such as Telos Fitness Center that will provide the right combination of building and shaping your beauty.  Still not convinced?  Well, we guarantee that the movie stars you see today don’t look good just by exercise alone. They have received nose jobs, tummy tucks, and work on their pecs.  It’s common knowledge in the industry, and there’s nothing wrong with molding your body to look good, because there’s limitations to what building muscle will do.

The Bad Effects of  Taking Steroids

Steroids work by adding artificial extra quantities of muscle building hormones like testorone into your system. They are synthetic derivatives of androgenic hormones otherwise being naturally produced by your body. Steroids shorten recovery time and enhance recovery potential tremendously, allowing you to train more often and add more weight to the bar on every workout. Properly applied, they make you grow bigger and stronger incredibly faster. But, like everything in life, steroids come with a price tag. And it’s a heavy one.

The catch 22 is this:

  • Stop taking steroids and all the gains you made with them go back to square one in a matter of months, if not weeks.
  • Keep taking steroids and they will mess with your health eventually. Guaranteed.
  • And click here for an overview of steroid side effects. It’s your choice whether you want to live with stuff like that.

Plus, steroids do cost a lot of money. They are illegal in most countries. And the black market stuff you get from your “trusted” dealer is often tainted with harmful chemicals that you don’t know anything about. It’s a huge gamble and you’re basically playing Russian Roulette with your health. So it’s not really worth it. If you break your car, you just buy a new one. But if you break your body there ain’t much you can do about it anymore. Steroids? Not recommended at all.

Doing Everything Right All The Time


Imagine if all you did from now was the right thing. You follow the right training program – tailored to your personal goals and background. And then you apply it with discipline and passion. Every single week. You follow the best nutritional program and really stick to it. Every single day. You make sure you get enough rest and sleep. Every single night. Again and again. If you maximized everything all the time and did everything right without exception it would be the best you could ever do.

Building muscle takes:  Hard work. Dedication. Time. Discipline. This is the only real shortcut you’ll ever get. And that’s it. There are no magic pills or secret formulas.